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Product forms available from High Performance Alloys

Bar stock Available, Flat stock available, Depot Material available. See our Quick Index our Line Card or also view our New Inventory Arrivals.

Bar : Stock sizes in bar range from 1/8" to 12" in stock. Larger sizes, and special sizes can be produced to your needs. Product is centerless ground up through 4" diameter, larger sizes are smooth turned or rough turned. We stock strain hardened, and hot worked bars in several grades as well as their normal annealed tempers. We can also offer to forge round bars in many grades on our forge press.

Wire : Spools and cut lengths available for quick shipment. Sizes range from 0.001" to 0.125" diameters. Close tolerance, or product for welding.

Sheet : Sheets ranging in thickness from 0.018" thick to 0.125" thick. Widths and lengths can vary from alloy to alloy, depending on their thickness, and their need for a particular industrial use. Widths of: 12", 24", 36", and 48 inches wide are common. Lengths of sheet product can be 96", 120", 144" and special order lengths for product of coil.

Plate : Stock plate thicknesses ranging from 3/16" thick to 2-1/2" thick are available for rapid shipment. Master plates typically come from the mill as a 96" x 240" R/L, though we are making more available in 48 Inch width now.

Fasteners : Fasteners in the materials that we stock. If your item is not in stock, we will help make it available.

Specially Produced Bar : HPA is also a secondary producer of the alloys that we normally stock, as well as a number of other materials. This is performed on our press, network of rolling mills or on our own radial forge bar mill.

Forgings: Many of our materials are being forged in Tipton. Bars, flats, and upsets are made to order.

We specialize in quick deliveries, and small quantities. We also offer our services to quantities that are medium to larger needs (2000 pounds, or less) and will estimate for deliveries through our large network of mills for even larger needs.

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