HPA COBALT alloy 6B (Co-Cr-W) (UNS R30016) Co 59.0, Cr 30.0, W 3.5, Ni 2.5, Mn 1.4, C 1.0 Excellent hot strength, which is fully returned when cooled to room temperature again. Replacement for castings due to better ductility, and dependability for sealing surfaces. Seizing, galling and non-lubricated wear can be minimized by using this alloy. Metal seizing is when one metal piece building heat against another "weld" together. Galling is when these welded areas break off and form an abrasive debris which creates additional abrasion problems, and can lead to other types of corrosion.
Turbine engine nozzle fuel injectors, steam turbine (last vane) to prevent water erosion as the steam condenses. Pump applications such as motor shafts, bushings, sleeves and stems.