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Bar Products

High Performance Alloys stocks mainly round bar products. Our extensive inventory ranges in sizes from wire thru as large as 12 Inch diameter. Normal stock lengths are 12 foot random (10 to 12, or 11 to 13) in length. Some bar products are carried in longer mill lengths of 10 to 18 foot randoms. Our inventory serves a dual purpose, we can sell it as a distributor product, or use it for manufacturing custom requirements in bar.

We are capable of manufacturing bar lengths up to 30 feet. Depending on the material required, there may be several tempers, or manufacturing methods used. Sometimes the material specification will determine the required manufacturing method by requiring a cold drawn, hot rolled, or hot forged condition. The following details some of the types of manufacture we have available for our customers.


291 items and 17 categories  

Ferralium® alloy 255 (19 matching items)
255-BAR-0.5, 255-BAR-0.75, 255-BAR-1, 255-BAR-1.25, 255-BAR-1.5, 255-BAR-1.75, 255-BAR-2, 255-BAR-2.5, 255-BAR-2.75, 255-BAR-3, all matching items...

Hastelloy® Alloy C-276 (30 matching items)
C-276-BAR-0.187, C-276-BAR-0.25, C-276-BAR-0.312, C-276-BAR-0.375, C-276-BAR-0.437, C-276-BAR-0.5, C-276-BAR-0.625, C-276-BAR-0.75, C-276-BAR-0.875, C-276-BAR-1, all matching items...

Hastelloy® Alloy X (HX) (14 matching items)
HX-BAR-0.5, HX-BAR-0.625, HX-BAR-0.75, HX-BAR-1, HX-BAR-1.25, HX-BAR-1.5, HX-BAR-1.75, HX-BAR-2, HX-BAR-3, HX-BAR-4, all matching items...

Haynes® Alloy 25 (L605) (12 matching items)
L605-BAR-0.375, L605-BAR-0.5, L605-BAR-0.625, L605-BAR-0.75, L605-BAR-1, L605-BAR-1.25, L605-BAR-1.5, L605-BAR-2, L605-BAR-2.5, L605-BAR-3, all matching items...
HPA Cobalt Alloy 6B (23 matching items)
6B-BAR-0.375, 6B-BAR-0.5, 6B-BAR-0.625, 6B-BAR-0.75, 6B-BAR-0.875, 6B-BAR-1, 6B-BAR-1.25, 6B-BAR-1.5, 6B-BAR-1.625, 6B-BAR-1.75, all matching items...
HPA Cobalt Alloy 6BH (1 matching items)
Inconel® alloy 600 (11 matching items)
600-BAR-0.25, 600-BAR-0.375, 600-BAR-0.5, 600-BAR-0.75, 600-BAR-1, 600-BAR-1.25, 600-BAR-1.5, 600-BAR-2, 600-BAR-2.25, 600-BAR-2.5, all matching items...

Inconel® Alloy 601 (9 matching items)
601-BAR-0.25, 601-BAR-0.375, 601-BAR-0.5, 601-BAR-0.75, 601-BAR-1, 601-BAR-1.25, 601-BAR-1.5, 601-BAR-2, 601-FORGING-BAR/PANCAKE

Inconel® Alloy 625 (16 matching items)
625-BAR-0.25, 625-BAR-0.375, 625-BAR-0.5, 625-BAR-0.75, 625-BAR-1, 625-BAR-1.5, 625-BAR-1.75, 625-BAR-2, 625-BAR-2.25, 625-BAR-2.375, all matching items...

Inconel® Alloy 718 (8 matching items)
718-BAR-0.5, 718-BAR-0.625, 718-BAR-0.75, 718-BAR-1, 718-BAR-1.5, 718-BAR-1.75, 718-BAR-2, 718-FORGING-BAR/PANCAKE

Monel® Alloy 400 (20 matching items)
400-BAR-0.187, 400-BAR-0.25, 400-BAR-0.375, 400-BAR-0.5, 400-BAR-0.625, 400-BAR-0.75, 400-BAR-0.875, 400-BAR-1, 400-BAR-1.25, 400-BAR-1.375, all matching items...

Monel® Alloy K-500 (17 matching items)
K500-BAR-0.25, K500-BAR-0.375, K500-BAR-0.5, K500-BAR-0.625, K500-BAR-0.75, K500-BAR-1, K500-BAR-1.125, K500-BAR-1.375, K500-BAR-1.5, K500-BAR-2, all matching items...

Monel® Alloy R-405 (17 matching items)
R405-BAR-0.25, R405-BAR-0.375, R405-BAR-0.5, R405-BAR-0.625, R405-BAR-0.687, R405-BAR-0.75, R405-BAR-0.875, R405-BAR-1, R405-BAR-1.125, R405-BAR-1.25, all matching items...

Nickel 200 (11 matching items)
200-BAR-0.25, 200-BAR-0.375, 200-BAR-0.5, 200-BAR-0.625, 200-BAR-0.75, 200-BAR-1, 200-BAR-1.25, 200-BAR-1.5, 200-BAR-1.75, 200-BAR-2, all matching items...

Nickel 201 (11 matching items)
201-BAR-0.25, 201-BAR-0.375, 201-BAR-0.5, 201-BAR-0.625, 201-BAR-0.75, 201-BAR-1, 201-BAR-1.25, 201-BAR-1.5, 201-BAR-1.75, 201-BAR-2, all matching items...

Nitronic® 60 (Alloy 218) (47 matching items)
HPA N60-BAR-0.156, HPA N60-BAR-0.187, HPA N60-BAR-0.25, HPA N60-BAR-0.312, HPA N60-BAR-0.375, HPA N60-BAR-0.437, HPA N60-BAR-0.5, HPA N60-BAR-0.562, HPA N60-BAR-0.625, HPA N60-BAR-0.687, all matching items...

Nitronic® Alloy 50 (XM-19) (25 matching items)
HPA N50-BAR-0.375, HPA N50-BAR-0.437, HPA N50-BAR-0.5, HPA N50-BAR-0.625, HPA N50-BAR-0.75, HPA N50-BAR-0.875, HPA N50-BAR-1, HPA N50-BAR-1.125, HPA N50-BAR-1.25, HPA N50-BAR-1.5, all matching items...

  291 items and 17 categories


If you have a special requirement, let us know.

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